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2021-2022 Westminster College Catalog 
2021-2022 Westminster College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, B.S.

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The Mathematics program at Westminster offers the opportunity for students to acquire mathematical knowledge and develop thought processes that are fundamental to their liberal arts education. Students who complete the program successfully are prepared for a variety of careers in business, industry, and education as well as graduate work.


Plus, either MTH 150  (Calculus I) and at least 12 semester hours of mathematics courses numbered 300 or higher, OR at least 16 semester hours of mathematics courses numbered 253 or higher.


MTH 431  cannot be used for either the mathematics major or minor.

Internship/Field Experience: A student may wish to arrange an off-campus experience with a business, industry, service agency, high school, governmental office, or another appropriate organization. The course credit for an internship depends on the length and the actual learning situation. Students work with the academic adviser to determine the credit. Many of the supervising organizations pay a salary, although this is not necessary. We believe that this is a valuable learning experience for an individual during the junior or senior year.

Graduation Requirements: All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher before subsequent courses can be taken. In addition to the above, the minor in secondary education must comply with the certification requirements listed on the next page. A student who earns a grade lower than C- in three courses in the major prior to registering for the Capstone course (MTH 601 ) will be identified as not making progress in the major. (Exceptions will be made for students who take a medical or personal leave for the semester). Students who are not making progress in the major will not be allowed to register for the capstone course, a requirement for completion of the major.

Transient Credit Policy: Students who use transient credit (that is, transfer credit from another college or university) to satisfy course requirements in Westminster’s mathematics major or mathematics minor may NOT get transient credit for more than four semester hours of mathematics courses that are 200 level or above with the exception of courses equivalent to Westminster’s MTH 250  (Calculus III), MTH 253  (Differential Equations) or MTH 241  (Discrete Mathematics). These restrictions hold for any external course whether it is a traditional classroom style or online.

All-College Honors Program : The All-College Honors Research Project will replace the capstone requirement for students majoring in mathematics, if successfully completed. Students do not need to register for both Honors Research and the capstone course in the mathematics program.

Secondary Education Minor : To be eligible for certification in mathematics, in addition to the courses listed above, students must successfully complete MTH 302 , MTH 331 , MTH 335 , and MTH 431 ; the requirements for graduation listed in the Academic Policies section of this Catalog; 6 semester hours of computer science, and the minor in secondary education. Requirements for the minor are listed under the Education Program. The prerequisites for admission to Senior Block are a cumulative GPA of 3.000 in all college course work and 3.000 in the major. Students who are interested in secondary education should contact the chair of the School of Education as soon as possible for complete information. If all the requirements are to be completed in four years, careful planning in both the major field and in the minor is essential.

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