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2021-2022 Westminster College Catalog 
2021-2022 Westminster College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, B.A.

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The program in history is designed to assist all students to develop an understanding of the varied eras of humankind’s social and cultural heritage. As a major, history prepares students to pursue careers in numerous fields where the research, analytical, and presentation skills of an historian are useful. The history major is frequently used as a preparation for professional training in business, law, library and information science, or the ordained ministry. History majors also frequently teach social studies in secondary schools or pursue advanced degrees in history or related fields.

Interdisciplinary Program: Students pursuing an International Studies  major may choose an emphasis in history.

All-College Honors Program: The program encourages eligible history majors to pursue entrance into the All-College Honors Program .

The Major in History

44 semester hours, comprising:

History majors seeking secondary education teacher certification must use EDU 452  in place of HIS 590 . Majors enrolled in the All-College Honors Program must use HIS 664 in place of HIS 601 .

Plus, one HIS course numbered 301-320.

This series of courses broadens the history curriculum by offering a challenging, yet accessible historical analysis and by providing an intermediate course between the introductory courses and those with prerequisites. Special topics will be taught by individual faculty members in areas of interest to them and incorporate new research material, in-depth analysis, and stimulating readings. The topics will demand that students build up an appreciation for the continuities in one area of analysis. Finally, these courses will give students an opportunity to work beyond the introductory course level. Since Explorations in History courses are intended primarily for majors and minors in history who have already taken some lower-level courses, enrollment will normally be limited to declared majors and minors in history who have at least junior standing. However, with instructor’s permission, other students may enroll in these courses, as space permits.

Plus, one HIS elective.

4 semester hours.

Chronological Distribution Requirement

In fulfilling the above distributions, history majors must select courses that concurrently fulfill a chronological distribution requirement consisting of one course (four semester hours) whose content is primarily focused on each of the following periods:

Requirements for Secondary Education Teacher Certification

For majors who are not seeking secondary education certification, no additional supporting courses from other disciplines are required. For majors who are seeking secondary education certification, the required supporting courses from other disciplines are listed below.

Students who desire secondary education teacher certification in social studies with a major in history must successfully complete all requirements for the major as described above, plus the following supporting courses:

Plus, the Secondary Education Minor

In addition to the curriculum outlined above, students must also complete the Secondary Education Minor  .

They are also strongly encouraged to take HIS 450  - Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools (2 SH).

The prerequisites for admission to the Senior Teaching and Learning Block in Education are cumulative GPA of 3.000 in all college work and a 3.000 in the major.

Students who are interested in secondary education should contact the chair of the School of Education as soon as possible for complete information. If all requirements are to be completed in four years, careful planning in both the major field and in the minor is essential.

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